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by Linda Booth Sweeney

Includes pages for your own notes and photos. Beautifully illustrated by Denali water-color artist Diane Drashner. Let a child experience the thrill of a bus ride into Denali.

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Let a grandchild experience the thrill of a cruise through Southeast Alaska. Discover together the history, wildlife diversity, and breathtaking beauty of Alaska's Inside Passage. Includes pages for your own travel notes and photos.

Share your Alaska cruise experience with a young grandchild. Add photos to the back to give this book a personal touch and to make it a lasting memory of your trip.

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Come along and join Grandma and Grandpa on an Alaska Railroad train ride from the south-central coast of Alaska all the way to the state's Interior. Ths trip of miles leads us through tunnels and over bridges, past glaciers and some of North America's highest mountains, through Alaska's largest cities and smallest and most charming towns, and past grazing areas of Dall sheep, moose, caribou and bear. Enjoy the ride! Share your Alaska train ride with a young grandchild. Add photos to the back pages to give this book a personal touch and to make it a lasting memory of your trip.

This is a book to share with your grandchildren about your RV travels.

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It introduces the child to the excitement of living in the great outdoors, discovering new places, and making new friends from the comfort of an RV. He told of experiences such as this:. Then it came to me what it might be.

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It was when I was sixteen or seventeen years old. My mother, who often took in the unfortunate, had the care of two grandpas at one time. Now, I was a fun-loving young man, and here I was too many times, nursing Grandpa while a good game of basketball was going on outside.

Once when my pals were calling me, I was inside doing the tedious chore of taking off his wet pajamas.

The Grandpa Book (Hardcover)

I was impatient and upset. You will never regret doing this for me. To this day I have a warm glow about this little service I performed for a quite helpless grandpa.