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Refine Search. Content Type. Release Date. Showing 40 results. Ed This book provides a critical reassessment of the role of the public sector during the Golden Age in both advanced and emerging economies. Contributions focus on a major player in …. Ed The financial crisis has had a worldwide impact on banks and financial systems.

It has also brought about major changes in Europe's financial regulatory framework which …. Ed This volume addresses different issues related to green innovation procurement as well as exploring the challenges involved in public procurement. It offers a broad array of …. Ed A detailed exploration of the influence and utility of Thomas Malthus' model of population growth and economic changes in Europe since the nineteenth century. This important …. Ed A review of the literature on environmental taxes, focusing on European experiences, and analysing how such taxes can contribute to green causes as well as reducing the tax burden ….

Ed The interplay between firms' internal organization and market behaviour is a long standing issue in industrial economics. Ed This volume explores all aspects of contemporary public procurement theory, examining managing risk in procurement, collusion in procurement, efficiency in procurement, …. Ed The multiple features of intellectual property rights and industrial competition are explored through the analytically rigorous lens of the frontier of the economics literature.

Ed This volume studies the various aspects of the ICT revolution, with an analysis of firm-level determinants of productive efficiency and growth and the effects of …. Ed This book provides a comprehensive analysis on the design of institutions for the new Europe. Addressing critical issues such as the appropriate distribution of political powers, ….

Book Organizations Today Leoni, R. Ed , Usai, G. Ed This book examines some of the themes that currently concern both organizations as a science as well as the firm as a dynamic behavioural entity. As we enter a new century, …. Ed The book collects ten papers which give a broad overview of the most recent economic studies in the fields of lobbying and special interest groups. This field of research has been …. Ed In this volume, well-known scholars examine the challenges facing the EU at the start of the Eastern enlargement, whose first wave should be decided at the end of and ….

Ed Including contributions from some of the world's most respected economists, How to Reduce Unemployment in Europe examines the performance of the European labour market compared to …. Ed Antitrust, Regulation and Competition brings together a group of well-known European and American academics to examine antitrust policies and competitive behaviour on a wide ….

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Ed The New Welfare brings together a group of leading scholars to examine issues relating to unemployment and social security in Europe, focusing on how to promote employment and how …. Ed In the last twenty years, Italy has undergone significant changes in the functioning of the labour market and industrial relations. This makes it an excellent case study for ….

Ed In the period straddling the nineteenth and twentieth centuries the most significant bases of the fundamental framework of modern economic theory were extended and studied in …. NCD is an analytical component…. The purpose of this paper is to deal with methodological issues in the Index of Economic Freedom IEF building by using principal components analysis PCA and benefit of….

The purpose of this paper is to shed fresh light into whether an energy commodity price index ENFX and energy blockchain-based crypto price index ENCX can be used to…. This paper aims to investigate the determinants of bilateral exports of India to the USA by taking the non-linearity issue in export demand equations which is neglected so…. The components of infrastructure include transportation, communications and….

The aim of this research is twofold. First, we study average levels of liquidity for long-run through-the-cycle periods, which potentially allow eliminating procyclicality….

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This paper aims to empirically investigate the volatility of Bitcoin, Litecoin and the Euro. This paper aims to investigate the value relevance of the European Emission Allowance EUA return and volatility on the equity value of the top listed European Power….

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the short- and long-run dynamic linkages between selected cryptocurrencies, several major world currencies and major equity….

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The purpose of this study is to systematically review and analyze the literature in the area of liquidity of financial markets. The study summarizes the key findings and….

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Please share your general feedback. You can start or join in a discussion here. Visit emeraldpublishing. Does personality drive price bubbles? Andreas Oehler , Florian Wedlich , Stefan Wendt , Matthias Horn The purpose of this study is to analyze whether differences in market-wide levels of investor personality influence experimental asset market outcomes in terms of limit….

Yu Filter trading is a technical trading rule that has been used extensively to test the efficient market hypothesis in the context of long-term trading. A nonparametric Bayesian approach to term structure fitting Victor Lapshin This paper aims to illustrate how a Bayesian approach to yield fitting can be implemented in a non-parametric framework with automatic smoothing inferred from the data.

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The interbank payment network and financial system stability Imaduddin Sahabat , Tumpak Silalahi , Ratih Indrastuti , Marizsa Herlina The financial turbulence resulting from the global financial crisis sparked the interest in improving understanding of financial risks. Understanding the Flash Crash — state of the art Gianluca Piero Maria Virgilio The purpose of this paper is to provide the current state of knowledge about the Flash Crash.

The monitoring role of institutional investors Xiaoqiong Wang , Siqi Wei This paper aims to examine the monitoring role of institutional investors in corporate decision-making by classifying financial institutions based on geographical…. The evolution of herd behavior: Will herding disappear over time? Kalugala Vidanalage Aruna Shantha The purpose of this paper is to examine the evolutionary nature of herding phenomenon in the context of a frontier stock market, the Colombo Stock Exchange of Sri Lanka.

Investing in lottery-like stocks in India Udayan Sharma , Madhumita Chakraborty In the current study, the significance of extreme positive returns has been investigated in the pricing of stocks in the Indian equity market. Mutual fund alpha and daily market-timing ability Qiang Bu This study aims to examine whether mutual funds can earn daily alpha and time daily market return.

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Fiscal sustainability in India: evidence from Markov switching and threshold regression models Vaseem Akram , Badri Narayan Rath The purpose of this study is to examine the fiscal sustainability issue by dividing the fiscal deficit into high and low regimes using the quarterly data from Q1 to…. NFL betting market efficiency, divisional rivals, and profitable strategies Corey A.

Shank This paper aims to examine market inefficiencies in the National Football League NFL betting market from the season to the season. Non-core deposit of Indonesian banking Cicilia A. Harun , Raquela Renanda Nattan This paper aims to examine non-core deposit NCD , or the fraction of deposit most likely to be withdrawn, based on bank liquidity behavior.

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