E-Transformation: Enabling New Development Strategies

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Digital transformation at SNCF

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But uncertainty of this type can provide the basis for research. We can use this, plus a few sources that do engage with Development 2.

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Definition : what does Development 2. This could start with content analysis of what little has been said and written about Development 2. Interpretive work on a broader range of stakeholder views could also be provided.

Conceptualisation : how should we understand Development 2. Related to definition, this might attack the issue in a more deductive manner by seeking to conceptualise Development 2.

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Political Economy : who drives Development 2. Who are the main stakeholders arguing for ICT-based transformation of development? Why are they putting forward these arguments? Who benefits from this discourse?

E Transformation Enabling New Development Strategies Hanna Nagy K

Ecosystem : who and what makes up a Development 2. A Development 2. Right now there are no fixed timings for study. There is no question of waiting-time for new editions. Right now there is no transportation to the eBook shop.

E Transformation Enabling New Development Strategies

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What is Digital Transformation?

These questions are not exhaustively dealt with and the complex questions of balancing universal access to ICTs and corporate profit maximisation by networks are not convincingly answered through a comprehensive political economy analytical perspective. This may be partly because Hanna, while addressing many other important issues, has institutional analysis as the flagship of his contribution. For example, he argues that the ICT revolution has brought about network-centric enterprises whose business ecosystems are dependent on what other network players do.

However, in emphasising his normative theme of how networks contribute to e-transformation and e-agility, Hanna overlooks the fundamental questions of power and agenda-setting, which Manuel Castells has seen as co-existing with networks. So what knowledge gaps in terms of theoretical and policy interventions does the book fill? The author makes a persuasive argument for e-transformation for development by integrating insights from political economy, development studies, management studies and technology studies.

His work is versatile in many respects, but institutional analysis in the uptake of ICTs for development stands out as the major strength of the book.

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Through interesting case studies, Hanna amply demonstrates how ICTs, if appropriately utilised, can revitalise and re-kindle organisations as sites of production, not only through interactive communication but also through the creation of participative spaces for workers and managers. Related Papers. An Information Society in Africa?

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