Shadowrealm: Tales of the Supernatural

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Zoo: What Supernatural Animal Am I?

Find More Posts by Dr. Find More Posts by ZodWallop. For example, the Hellequin. Geosi Gyasi: I am wondering whether you have a specific audience for your stories?

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Tawny Kipphorn: I feel as though a lot of my writing would be entertaining for children of a little bit older age. Being that I did grow up reading Goosebumps books and Dr. Tawny Kipphorn: I struggle with writing longer stories. I have amazing ideas for novels, so I try to cut them down into novellas or novelettes, but I still find it a challenge to drag the stories out.

In some ways I feel that weakness of mine could actually be something I could use, as attention spans are decreasing as generations go on. Tawny Kipphorn: Being as passionate as I am, I always find time for writing. Good work takes time.

A Brief History of the Shadow People

I have stories that took me years to finish but I always had time to take notes. Those small notes over time end up turning into something pretty amazing later. Tawny Kipphorn: With my love for the rhyming style of Dr. Seuss embedded within me, once I discovered Edgar Allan Poe in high school, it was set in stone.

I was meant to be a poet. It was almost like the feeling of having just found a soul mate, or every thing you never understood just making sense finally. It burned in me to create things just as beautiful, things that made me feel the same way his work did.

It became a love of mine to re-create the old style romanticism feeling and being it back to be appreciated today. The amazing and twisted stories he had in his mind and the ease with which he created them really inspire me. I love that he was such a dark and brooding person but at the bottom of all that, he was just a regular person who wanted all the same things we all do. He was a very real and relatable human being, the kind of person I feel I could have sat with for hours on end discussing the existence of everything.

Tawny Kipphorn: My voice as a writer is that of just a simple storyteller. The person who tells all the scary stories while sitting around a campfire in the dead of night in the middle of nowhere. I try to have an approach of creepy yet somewhat whimsical and theatrical at times. Tawny Kipphorn: Both! Tawny Kipphorn: No.

Into The Shadow Realm: Book 1: The Evolution of Lee Carter

There is definitely a lot more discipline and research that goes into stories, whereas poetry just sort of comes much easier for me. In deep wilderness, far from humanity, the Shadow is only shaped by the simple feelings of animals and the environment. In the heart of a city, the crowds stir the Shadow into chaos. The Shadow remembers even when the material world has forgotten.

Demolished buildings stay in the Shadow until something happens on the flesh side to replace them with new and potent Resonance. Ancient forests long since logged sprawl across the Shadow wilderness, and remote regions host ancient spirits that remember the world before the Fall. To novice travelers, the Shadow seems empty. Despite the thronging spirits spawned by human activity, the Shadow does not contain any spirits of humanity itself.

Roads, towns, cities, farms, and every other human creation are all reflected in the Shadow, but not people. Animals watch visitors to the Shadow with too-intelligent eyes. Rivers and lakes whisper to one another in the First Tongue. To those with basic knowledge of the Spirit Arcanum, spirits are obvious, given away by their accumulated Essence unless deliberately hiding.

DuckTales (2017) s02e14 Episode Script

The Shadow has a hierarchy quite apart from the material world. All spirits belong to a broad collection or category that Awakened call Chiors — a group of weather spirits, or animal spirits. Like-natured spirits group together into Descants , close-knit groups that only accept those they trust. The spirits of any given area form a Court , with the more powerful holding sway over the lesser.

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